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Join and collaborate

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Join the Community workshop - facilitated by Chris Moore

http://share.ovi.com/media/nokiaopenlab08.nokiaopenlab08/nokiaopenlab08.10026">Introduction video


Workshop tasks:

  • How Brainstorming & Management practices  will change in the future?
  • Concept a collaboration technology that uses web and mobile tools.


Team 1

How can organizations benefit from social technologies?

  • Should we try to organically start using social tools for e.g. Social collaboration, instead of “normal” IT-run adoption method?
  • IT (Information technology) should be seen as Interaction Technology = making interaction more easier

Using social media technologies in the work place means giving away control to some extent

Social technologies could help people down the ladder to see the bigger picture

  • Lack of transparency

Social technologies need accountability

  • Clear roles and responsibilities, even within small organizations people don’t know their roles

Awareness of what other’s projects/tasks are to leverage overlaps

Organization is not a machine, it’s an organism


Team 2


Through social media tools can make work life more efficient: everyone can see what others are working on and work towards the same goal

Social media tools can make the company “flatter”

  • Some employees keep info to themselves to make themselves more valuable. That’s not necessarily the case.

We could create also automated tools

  • Every 10th word that you type (in word/excel/ppt) gets recorded and is searchable by others. This way people could easily find people who are working on similar tasks. 

If we see a large company as a community, should businesses have community manager?

  • To faciliate communication inside the company, social media training

The availability of back channels (Twitter etc.) create ambient knowledge of what people are working on, improves efficiency

Internal community efforts needs to be backed at the highest possible level of the company

Big difference between I <-> I, + I -> many communicating

Transcriptions + translations will be important if video chats or other video is used

  • Everything needs to be stored searchable/minuted

Meetings should be used to collaborate NOT to catch up


Team 3


Job aggregrator software is needed

  • People could tag their tasks, action items, deadlines
  • Have document, database etc. changes also visible to all
  • You could subscribe to person’s “feed” to see what they are working on
  • Group, division views

Connecting many minds

  • Conversation
  • Polls
  • Prediction markets
  • Crowdsourcing

Team 4


Using social media tools has to reflect the corporate culture: how you run the business is reflected in the tools

Social media tools give companies social peripheral vision

  • Increases productivity, because you cah share & exchange ideas with a larger crowd

Social media users are usually first “rebels” inside the company

Can companies increase internal social media use through salary incentives?

Brainstorming via social media

  • Ask a question of whole company through e.g. corporate twitter, use brain of every employee

Open streams

  • You can feel the pulse of the company through social media tools, without being involved in every project
  • “The digital consciousness of the company”
  • No excuse not to know


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