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Join the fun

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Join the Community workshop - facilitated by Anne Toole


Introduction video

can be seen on Share on Ovi   


Workshop tasks:

  • How will we produce and consume entertainment in the future?
  • Create 1-2 new production / business models for your chosen entertainment type. Remember UGC!
  • What, why, how?


Concepts for film


Product placements

  • Based on the demographic information the audience have given, the product placements are tailored on film

Audience participation

  • Alternate endings (based on location/person)
  • Mash-up of past films (scary movies etc.)
  • Real-life CGI (choose actors you want to play each part)
  • Individual view of film (via glasses, button voting or mass voting)

New business models

  • Upsell
  • In film ads (BT to audience)
  • “Do you want Zoe to die?” No $2, yes $1
  • Price to watch film becomes dependent on date or release (sooner = expensive)

Choose from which perspective you want to look at the film

  • Director’s perspective
  • Certain actor’s perspective etc.


Concepts for gaming


Social elements of gaming, there are always elements of

  • Competition
  • Reward
  • Risk/chance
  • Role play
  • Adrenalin

Games are often good excuses to get together with your friends

Contextual ambient gaming

  • People playing a game in the real world using their mobile device
  • Location aware

Human computational gaming

  • Combining gaming elements to e.g. searches: people give semantic meanings to pictures (eg. Picture of cat) and those whose tags are similar (high telepathy score), can meet digitally

Future games

  • Layering e.g. your social media activities to a game between your friends, “games as a bridging layer”
  • Possible business model: people recommend ads to each other in order keep playing the game, related to game context


Concepts for future entertainment


Concept of “Me Media”

  • “How everyone be part of the media experience”

Let consumers engage on different levels and media

  • Via online community, playing the game, making their own stories etc.
  • Empower the consumers to make the story “open end”, so people can pop in to enjoy the whole experience or just parts of it
  • Consumers could have a role or take part in the entertainment product itself
    • “You can buy a 2-3 second personal ad for Dark Night and sent that version of the movie to your friends.”

New business models

  • Subcription models accessing, e.g. new material
  • If user generated versions are
  • good enough, you could charge money for them and split the revenues


Concepts for music


General concensus: “People don’t want to pay for music”.

There are nowadays lots of different way to get music

  • Buy from artist/label/touring band at concerts
  • Not buy
  • Stream music
  • Promos/gifts

Making and performing music digitally

  • Making music with e.g. game-like mobile applications
  • Rock Band/Guitar Hero

Remixing and mash-upping music is a big trend

Traditional business models around music

  • Music label based models are facing problems

New innovative business models

  • Shared music during commute times
    • People could listen the music what others are listening to on the bus or in the car on your left
  • Watermarking or advertising in music: “This song is brought to you by...”
    • Content creators can add advertising to their music
  • Band as a community platform (revenue sharing)
  • Tips / donations if you like the music you are listening to
    • micro payments
    • “Tip jar”

Low bandwith -> Free

High bandwith -> Pay






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