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Mobile Open Lab 2009

Page history last edited by NickyDigital 15 years ago

Ideas from Roland Tanglao (Vancouver, Canada) 

flickr: roland, twitter:rtanglao, nokia chat:rtanglao, jaiku:roland, qik:roland, seesmic:roland :

(NB these are just brainstorming ideas!!!!!! No commitment implied :-) ! )

  1. the "original 50" are all co-organizers and responsible for organizing in their home town
  2. the original 50 must present a mobile 10 minute or less "1 year later" status/way forward/whatever and must recruit at least 1 participant in their home town to present as well!
  3. done via mobile video streaming e.g.ustream, qik, kyte, mogulus, etc. for 2 days world wide & archived
  4. the 2008 workshop presenters will reprise their workshops in a 2009 stylee
  5. Outcomes:
    1. a user vision of the way forward for nokia and the mobile industry 
    2. "raise a barn " i.e. create a mobile app / site / something that we all agree on beforehand for a cause that we all believe in 
  6. Things I can help with: Drupal, Bug Labs Bug, S60 Python, "dis-coordination" :-), blogging, wiki gardening
  7. Things I am not so good at: getting sponsors (do we need any?), politics, web design
  8. Looking forward to the cool ideas from others!


Ideas from Mike Maddaloni (Chicago, USA)

FacebookLinkedInTwitterMy blogQikOvi My Internet empireMy US football team

To be continuously revised...


  • We should ensure everyone who was in Helsinki is in here - I see one right off and will invite them
  • Let's use the tag mobileopenlab09
  • Tie it into a local event, or create a local event - similar to a BarCamp?
  • Bring someone into the mix who was not at OpenLab - e.g. I have a friend not in Chicago I would like to include


Ideas from Steve Dembo (Chicago, USA)



Ideas from Rebecca Cottrell (Brighton, England)


Ideas from James Whatley (Teddington (London?), England)


Ideas from Erick Macapagal aka Gwapz (Elmhurst, NY, USA)


Ideas from Eddie Codel (San Francisco, USA) 

blogtwitterflickr, aim: eddiekai


Ideas from Nick Bouton (Protagonize!) (Vancouver, Canada)

twitterflickrjaikudeliciousfacebooklinkedinplurkprotagonize, msn: nick@nickbouton.com, skype: nickbouton ]


Ideas from Steve Lawson (London, England)

blog / twitter / flickr / last.fm / qik / youtube (everything else, look for solobasssteve! ) - stay in touch, lovely people! :)


Ideas from Philip Campbell (Derbyshire, England)

flickr: clanlife, twitter: philcampbell, seesmic: philcampbell, qik: philcampbell


Ideas from CT Moore (Montréal, Canada)


  • I have a pretty good idea of another participant who would be perfect for this.
  • I think that we should all agree on a single mobile streaming service
  • If we need sponsors, I have a way of asking for money ;)


Ideas from Glenn Letham (Frederick, Maryland, USA) 


Ideas from Micki Krimmel aka Mickipedia (Los Angeles, USA)

twitter: mickipedia, flickr: mickipedia, linked in:http://www.linkedin.com/in/mickikrimmel aim: iamthepropmaster, gchat: mickikrimmel, skype: mickikrimmel, email: micki@mickipedia.com


Ideas from Rahul Nair (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Flickr: rnair, twitter: rnairLinked In


Ideas from Steve Rumsby (Coventry, England)


Ideas from chletten (Austria)


Ideas from Apocalypso (Croatia)


Ideas from Jussi-Pekka Erkkola (Nokia, Finland) 

jaiku / flickr / twitter / LinkedIn


Ideas from Jason Hui (Vancouver, Canada)


Ideas from Rafe Blanford (Uckfield (Sussex), United Kingdom)

flickr: RafeB (mainly work), twitter: rafeblandford,, Jaiku: rafeblandford, Share on Ovi: rafeblandford


Ideas from Jenifer Hanen [aka Ms. Jen] (Seal Beach, CA)



Ideas from Thejesh GN aka Thej (Bangalore, India)

twitter: thej

  • There are participant from different time zones. So we need to plan accordingly.
  • Text is as important as video. Lets have a forum or pv jaiku ( yeah jaiku is open sourced now)


Ideas from Carol Chen (Nokia, Finland)

look for cybette in the various sites


Ideas from tnkgrl (aka. Myriam, San Francisco, USA) 



Ideas from Matti Nelimarkka (Nokia, Finland)


Ideas from Mikko Eerola (Helsinki, Finland)

Jaiku: tulensrma flickr: tulensrma, twitter: tulensrma, del.icio.us: meerola, LinkedIn: first dot last at gmail


Ideas from Nate Weiner (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Idea Shower / Twitter / LinkedIn / Flickr


Ideas from Antti Vilpponen (Helsinki, Finland) 

ArcticStartupGyllene SkorJaikutwitterflickrLinkedIn.


Ideas from Nick Rhodes (New York City, NY, USA) 

TwitterMyspaceFacebookflickr, Facebook Group

  • "getting to know you" type forums prior to the Open Lab.  Much time was spent figuring out who was who and trying to figure out why we were all there.  This way we would be able to jump right in.


Ideas from Vinnie Lauria (San Francisco, CA, USA) 

lefora.comNewTech Meetup, (fbLItwitflickr)


Ideas from Kristine Molnar (San Francisco, CA, USA) 



Ideas from Yu Hui Balasingam-Chow (Singapore)

Facebook / LinkedIn / Flickr / YouTube / Vimeo / Twitter / Plurk


Ideas from Anne Toole (West Hollywood, CA, USA)

Facebook / LinkedIn (please remind me where we met) Twitter / Games blog / StumbleUpon


Ideas from Janne Saarikko (Helsinki, Finland)

Facebook / LinkedIn / Jaiku / Twitter / YouTube / Flickr / EMY Blog (in Finnish) /Design Finland

  • As an outcome, maybe we could prepare a paper/book/manifesto of the mobile future?
  • Linkin with local events is a good idea


Ideas from Anssi Mäkelä (Espoo, Finland)

Facebook / Linkedin / Jaiku / Twitter



Ideas from Brian T. Nakamoto (San Jose, CA, USA)


Ideas from Luis Orozco (Nokia, Finland)

Ovi / LinkedIn / Jaiku / Twitter / Vox (yes, I still use that thing...) / Last.fm / Flickr 

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Thejesh GN said

at 11:11 pm on Mar 25, 2009

1. We should consider time zones.
2. Text is as important as video. Can we have a pvt/forum/jaiku ( jaiku is open source now)??

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